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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Quick Update

today is our first appointment with the dietitian. getting our daughter all the help she needs is paramount to us. we will be going to the best dietitian in our area to learn more about her eating disorder and to educate us on smart food choices.

living in the south, deep deep south, most people here tend to deep deep fry everything! personally, i can't eat deep fried foods. it makes me very sick and i just can't handle it. that being said my husband grills our food. rain or shine, in the heat or in the cold, he is the grill master!

the main thing we have to get our daughter to understand that being a size 0 isn't the best thing in the world for her. she has fought like crazy to get so small. when i asked why she did this, i was told she has to starve herself to keep up with her skinny friends. that being 'fat' wasn't an option. denying herself food made her 'feel good'. i kinda had a bit of a breakdown when she said the part about 'feeling good'. i don't think fainting because she refuses to eat actually feels good but ya know what do i know? i am just a 41 year old mom. i don't know anything, right? well guess what, i am going in with her to each meeting and i am going to learn with her.

wish us luck!


Autumn said...

Good Luck, Elle! I've been keeping you and your daughter in my prayers.. Anorexia is a tough and lonely road... I've been there on and off for over 12 yrs... Being there for her is important and you are doing a powerful thing by getting her help... Sending love and light, darling.. You'll get through this <3

Birdie said...

I am so glad she is going to receive help. We have people in our community that do not receive help until they are well into the illness. Thinking of both of you. Like all diseases, it affects the entire family. xo

I think it is very, very hard for young girls today. Shame on Hollywood and advertisers. I am 41 too and still get bogged down on the crap of not being good enough. Only now it is about wrinkles. The women they use in advertisements are not even real. They are air brushed.

We live in a mad world.

Bird said...

Hi Elle,
My sister went through this too. Her friends gave her such grief for not being thin enough (and she was thin, but not skinny like her friends were) that she starved herself and developed an eating disorder. It was scary to see her so thin. She got the help she needed and we all stuck by what we saw was her beauty. She has always been a beautiful girl and now woman. I'm happy to say that she came through it well and doesn't give those friends much time or consideration anymore because she figured out they were not good for her health and when she does happen to see them, she doesn't compare herself to them anymore and doesn't take what they say to heart. I hope that you will get all the help you need and that your daughter will see her beauty inside and out and find good health again.

It's sad that this society is so crazily bent on being so darned paper thin when it's so darned not healthy.

Hugs to you and yours,

Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

Sending love and prayers for you and your daughter. You are a good mom!

Mina said...

Oh Elle, I am so saddened that your daughter is going through this and as a result, so are you. We live in such a youth centered, thin, thin, thin minded society and it is harming so many of our young girls. The pressure is just in their faces constantly. I am so happy that you are getting her help and standing by her side. Sending healing thoughts to all. Mina