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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I need crystal identification help!


today i am thinking i want to begin to journal again. a few years back, something happened to me and i had to go to a place to help me with problems. one of the things that i was told to do was to journal about everything for a time. being so OCD, i wrote in my journal more than i talked to my husband so i quit. i think i am in a good place now. it isn't perfect but it is better than it had been in ages for my family and myself. i have about 15 different journals that are blank. i buy pretty notebooks, blank books, even binders with the hopes of being able to tap into my journal writing abilities without over doing it this time. i have yet to try. i was watching a video on youtube. yes, i have recently discovered some of the most interesting people on youtube. i know! i know! i should have found this amazing group of people who share their life in the forms of videos ages ago but.. oh better late than never, yes? one video was of a young woman who was showing the magical tools she uses the most. one was her book of shadows. do you know that i have pages here, there and yon that belong in a book of shadows but i have yet to collect them all in one place?? anyway, she held up her book of shadows and i was instantly jealous of her attachment to that book! she talked a little about what she put in her book and i just turned green with envy. i want to feel like that about a book again too! i think i am going to pull out one of my blank notebooks and see if i can commit without over doing it. yall wish me luck?! oh!! if any of yall have youtube channels.. please let me know! i am so addicted to youtube! i even posted a few of my own videos. i just don't put my face in the videos as i am not comfortable doing that yet, but you can hear my silly little voice! hope yall are all having a wonderful saturday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Thinking....

Of finally breaking down & reading this! Any of you read it?