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P. W. S.

Have you ever been asked how did you come about being what you are? have you been questioned about your faith and practices? have you been told you are not a witch, wiccan, pagan, or what ever tag you use to best describe what you are and what you practice only to be told it just can't be so because you didn't go through all the motions?

OH i have! it makes me livid! who is anyone to tell me what i can and can not be? why is it wrong to call myself a witch, for example, because i didn't have someone 'initiate me" into the craft.

Lately, I have been feeling a bit disconnected and disenchanted. I have been reading all the right books, doing all the proper rituals that I hear other witches and spiritual people do... it used to work.. now, i feel nothing.

SO, I thought, why do i have to do this? why do i care if someone else says i am not what i know i was born to be? it is in my heart, my soul, my actions, my life! Reading books and doing rituals others have already done aren't going to work for everyone.

I am creating my own Personalized Witchy Style.

  1. witch is the name i choose to use as i feel it suits me the best
  2. it is personalized because it is how i 'feel'. 
  3. style just sets it apart from the others. 
if you have a personal witchy style, flaunt it! if you can not flaunt it, just be proud of it... in any way you can.. 

I think that if we can all find a path, search our hearts and souls for guidance, and put your own personal spin on it, we can all have our own Personalize Witchy Style that will suit us and fill all our needs. 

Won't You join me in finding your own Personalized Witchy Style??

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Magaly Guerrero said...

I would join indeed. I have been flaunting my personalized witchy bits for a while now (that sounded a bit kinky, huh).

I like being my own Witch and can wait to learn about the Witch who lives in your, my dear ;-)